AirX is a web-based system which allows the
air operator to plan and
operate the technical
maintenance of the
whole aircrafts park.
  • All aircraft related information is
    consolidated into a relational
    It gives the possibility to manage the data entered by client on unlimited directions. The system provides a lot of searches based on various filters(including wildcard) for easy finding of all necessary details.
  • AirX avoids multiple data filling in. Once entered, the piece is used on all related modules. The system is multilingual and can support various language inputs including Cyrillic.
  • The interface is user friendly and it helps the users. Besides, it provides space to see as much as possible information related to the current record loaded for managing.
long_blue.gif (214 b)
  • AirX generates all necessary reports requested by the state civil aviation administration. In addition, several reports are approachable by the management.
  • This is an enterprise resource planning system which provides an easy and reliable way to manage your fleet. It can plan all aircraft related activities and tasks and alert the company representatives for coming deadlines.