What can be achieved by AirX?
  • Easy way to obtain the needed information –various search filters and easy navigation.
  • Fast and easy way for sharing and managing information between users - – the system allows fast access and maintenance of the system resources wherever internet access is available
  • Better control of input data – the system offer predefined templates and disallow incorrect data input.
  • Better and faster book keeping – the system automatically generates different reports of availabilities, maintenance processes, components and aircrafts status on different criteria, etc.
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  • Higher transparency - according to the user rights, each user has defined access to the information data input by the other users
  • Work optimization for all departments – a work sequence is programmed in the system which strictly follows the working logic in the different departments – for ex. (1) component request, (2) component order, (3) delivery, (4) installation on aircraft, (5) de-installation, (6) repair etc.
  • Better presentation of the company towards control authorities. The system contributes for a higher working capacity and efficiency in the company.